Review of the Slot Game “Piggy Bank Bills”

Sure, sure, sure, it’s yet another piggy bank game with pigs and bills. Keep an open mind, though, because Pragmatic Play’s Piggy Bank Bills unfolds in a way you’re probably not used to. It works a little differently than usual, but if pigs and money are your thing, you won’t be disappointed. Matching the two halves of the same banknote to score coins is the special technique to win. The major attraction is a series of free spins whereby multipliers appear at random over symbols, increasing the player’s odds of winning big.

Piggy Bank Bills has music that sounds like it was stolen from a Mariachi concert or a beachside barbecue in the Caribbean. No matter its origin, the upbeat music complements the currency perfectly and makes you feel rich. The visuals are vibrant as well, with a 6-reel, 9-payline game grid filled with various currencies, some full and others in half. Stacks of green and gold-colored currency surround the reels. Is it possible that they were going for a magical vibe with the dough? Either that, or it’s radioactive, up to the players. Some people believe that the birds and the bees deserve the greatest things in life since, as the song says, they are free.

The money grab is mobile-friendly, accepting wagers between 20 pence and £/€100 each spin. However, Piggy Bank Bill’s does not make it simple, and its high volatility (ranked 5 out of 5) may seem at odds with the celebratory atmosphere it creates. Piggy Bank Bills’s unconventional winning mechanism is not based on players lining up symbols from left to right. The game grid instead consists of 6 reels and 3 rows, with half-dollar symbols shown in each cell. A win is paid out according to the amount shown on the matched bills on reels 1 and 2, reels 3 and 4, or reels 5 and 6. Put simply.

You have a one in ten chance of winning anything from twenty-five cents to one thousand times your initial wager. Wild halves can appear anywhere on the board, and they can replace any other icon outside the scatter. Any winning combination including a wild and a paying bill is paid out in full. The value of the combined bill is completely random if two wild halves land next to one other.

Coins in the Bank: Slot Machine Extras

The bonus rounds in Piggy Bank Bills are simple and consist of free spins and three smaller bonus games centered on pigs. The 3 Piggy characteristics are:

The reels spin, and if a piggy appears, the player gets a shot at the free spins bonus.

After the reels have stopped, the piggy may select two or more losing symbols at random and turn them into winning combinations in what is called a “Piggy Win.”

Piggy Wilds: While the reels are spinning, Piggy may drop 2, 3, or 4 Wilds onto the screen at random.

When 2 free spin symbol halves drop next to one other, they complete a scatter bill and reward 8 free spins. Two or three scatter bills trigger eight free spins and the elimination of the lowest one or two paying bills from the reels, accordingly.

A 2x or 3x multiplier might appear over the symbols at any time during the free spins bonus. Any additional multiplier applied to a winning bill’s value will be added to that total. The multiplicators on a pair of winning bills cancel each other out. Additionally, the lowest paying symbol on the reels may be removed at random during the bonus round.

Pigeon Coins: The Slot Machine’s Decision

The widespread use of electronic payment systems such as debit and credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency, smartphone payments, etc. has led some to predict the eventual demise of paper banknotes. Piggy Bank Bills are a welcome addition to the dollar, pound, or Euro bill family, but they are not expected to significantly halt the aforementioned trend. And many people find that carrying about a wad of cash in a wallet is much more fulfilling than a credit card.

If you’re fortunate, you can add Piggy Bank Bills to your existing stack of cash. If you line up the 1,000x halves and use a multiplier or two, you may win as much as 5,000 times your initial wager. Attempting to do so is amusing in and of itself, and the creative method that winnings are produced adds a fun twist to the game that sets it apart from more traditional slot machine play.

The method that winnings are produced ensures that every spin is as tense as possible, since even if you receive nothing on the first two reels, something can still hit on reels 3-4 or reels 5-6. This technique has the air of a scratch card in that it keeps you guessing until the very end. Furthermore, the mound of bills, the happy, smiling cashed-up pigs, and notably the peppy music, all serve to increase optimism, transforming the encounter into a genuine capitalistic free for all.

When a production company takes a risk, not everyone will like the result. Piggy Bank Bills isn’t a must-play, but if you’re interested in the development of online slots or just enjoy games with a piggy/money theme, you should give the matching symbols system a try. Piggy Bank Bills is unlike anything else in this or any other similar genre.






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